10 Design Trends to Watch for Your 2024 Custom Idaho Home

In an ever-evolving world of interior design, it is crucial to stay ahead and learn the trends that will shape the future of custom homes in Idaho. Many homeowners are keeping an eye out for new home construction trends that not only enhance the aesthetics of their homes but also improve functionality and sustainability.

As we look forward to 2024, here are ten interior design trends anticipated to dominate the custom homes in Idaho. Read on to discover the exciting possibilities for your future dream home.

Bold Contrast

Black Trim Windows

Black trim windows have become a hallmark of modern new home construction trends. They create a striking contrast against lighter exterior finishes and can enhance the overall aesthetic of your home. The crisp lines and bold presence of black trim windows are expected to continue gaining popularity in 2024.

These windows not only add visual interest but also provide excellent energy efficiency. They often feature a dual-pane design that helps with insulation, reducing your bills and making your home more sustainable.

Trends to Watch for Your 2024 Custom Idaho Home

Black Commercial-Style Hardware

Consider using black commercial-style hardware throughout your custom Idaho home to complement the black trim windows and create a cohesive look. This includes handles, faucets, and light fixtures. These bold hardware choices add an industrial touch while being durable and easy to maintain.

The contrast between black hardware and lighter interiors or cabinetry can make a strong interior design statement in your home, creating a sense of modern sophistication.

Dramatic Exterior Palettes

Regarding the exterior of your custom home, expect to see a rise in dramatic color palettes in 2024. While traditional neutrals remain timeless, many homeowners will opt for deeper and bolder exterior colors. Rich blues, dark grays, and deep greens can create a striking first impression and set your home apart.

These dramatic colors can be beautifully complemented by natural wood accents and lush landscaping, creating a harmonious blend of modernity and nature.

Induction Cooktops and Ranges

In the kitchen, induction cooktops and ranges are gaining traction as a popular choice. These appliances offer precise temperature control, energy efficiency, and safety. Unlike traditional gas or electric stovetops, induction cooktops use magnetic fields to heat pots and pans directly, making them faster and more efficient.

This trend aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainable living, as induction cooktops use less energy and produce less heat. They are also easier to clean, making kitchen maintenance a breeze. 

Ledge and Workstation Sinks

For the kitchen, consider installing ledge and workstation sinks. These sinks come with integrated accessories like cutting boards, colanders, and drying racks, making food preparation and cleanup more efficient and organized.

Ledge sinks offer a seamless look, and the workstation capabilities can help you maximize your kitchen’s functionality without sacrificing style. They are available in various materials and styles to suit your design preferences.

Curbless Showers

In the bathroom, curbless showers are becoming increasingly popular. These showers feature a seamless transition from the bathroom floor to the shower area, eliminating the need for a step or curb. 

Curbless showers are perfect for aging in place and provide a spa-like feel to your bathroom. To create a personalized oasis, you can customize the shower with various tile and fixture options.

Continuous Flooring

Continuous flooring is a design trend that seamlessly extends one type of flooring throughout multiple areas of your home. Doing so creates a cohesive and spacious look, making your living space feel larger and more connected.

Standard options for continuous flooring include hardwood, luxury vinyl plank, and polished concrete. Absent thresholds or transitions between rooms create a cleaner, more contemporary appearance.

Trends to Watch for Your 2024 Custom Idaho Home

Cabinets & Built-ins

Colorful Finishes

While neutral cabinetry remains a timeless choice, 2024 is expected to see a surge in colorful finishes for cabinets and built-ins. Bold blues, deep greens, and rich reds can add vibrancy and personality to your kitchen, bathroom, and other living spaces.

Choosing colorful cabinets allows you to infuse your personality and style into your custom home, creating spaces that feel uniquely yours.

Neutral Woods

In contrast to colorful finishes, neutral wood tones are also gaining popularity. Light oak, walnut, and maple woods are used for cabinetry, countertops, and built-in furniture. These neutral woods bring warmth and a natural touch to your home’s design.

Neutral woods pair well with various interior design styles, from Scandinavian minimalism to rustic farmhouses, making them versatile for your custom Idaho home.

Mesh Facing

Mesh-facing cabinets and storage solutions are emerging as a trend that combines form and function. These cabinets feature mesh inserts instead of solid doors, adding texture and visual interest while allowing glimpses of the contents.

Mesh-facing cabinets are ideal for creating a rustic or industrial look while maintaining an open, airy feel in your living spaces.

Unique Wall Features


Adding textured wall features can elevate the design of your custom Idaho home. Consider incorporating textured wallpapers, 3D wall panels, or reclaimed wood planks to create visual interest and depth in your living spaces.

Textures on walls can be strategically placed to draw attention to focal points.


Wallpaper is making a comeback in 2024, emphasizing bold patterns, metallic accents, and large-scale designs. Whether used to cover a room or as an accent wall, wallpaper can add drama and personality to your interior spaces.

With so many styles and colors, you can find the perfect wallpaper to suit your design vision.


Incorporating millwork into your new home construction can create a sense of elegance and craftsmanship. Wainscoting, paneling, and coffered ceilings are examples of millwork that can add architectural interest to your custom Idaho home.

Millwork can define spaces, highlight architectural features, and provide a sense of timeless sophistication.

Natural and Recycled Materials

As sustainability becomes increasingly important, using natural and recycled materials in your custom home design is a trend to watch in 2024. Consider materials like reclaimed wood, recycled glass countertops, and sustainable flooring options.

These materials contribute to a more eco-friendly home and add character and uniqueness to your living spaces.

Reclaimed wood is a prime example of this interior design trend. Instead of using newly harvested timber, homeowners and builders are turning to reclaimed wood for various applications, including flooring, beams, wall cladding, and furniture. This wood often comes from salvaged barns, factories, or other aged structures. It bears the unique marks and character of its previous life, creating a sense of history and authenticity within your home.

Reclaimed wood adds a rustic and timeless appeal to your interiors and reduces the demand for virgin timber, which helps conserve forests and reduce deforestation.

Recycled glass is another sustainable material gaining popularity in custom home design. It can be transformed into stunning countertops, tiles, and decorative elements. Using recycled glass in your home’s design contributes to resource conservation and adds elegance and a vibrant pop of color.

This material’s versatility allows you to create unique and eye-catching surfaces while reducing the need for new raw materials. Recycled glass surfaces are durable, easy to maintain, and a statement of eco-conscious living.

Choosing sustainable flooring options is essential in creating an environmentally responsible home. Bamboo, cork, and engineered hardwood are flooring materials known for their sustainability. Bamboo, for instance, is a rapidly renewable resource, making it an excellent choice for eco-conscious homeowners.

Incorporating natural and recycled materials extends beyond the structural elements of your home. It also includes using eco-friendly paints and finishes. Low-volatile organic compound (VOC) paints aren’t harmful to the environment. These paints also come in a wide range of colors, allowing you to achieve your desired interior design while prioritizing health and sustainability.

Trends to Watch for Your 2024 Custom Idaho Home

Creative Tie-ins to the Outdoor Landscaping

Blurring the lines between inner and outer spaces is an interior design trend that has gained momentum in recent years and is expected to continue in 2024. Consider large sliding or folding glass doors that open up to outdoor patios, decks, or gardens.

Creating a seamless flow between all spaces allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of Idaho and make the most of the region’s stunning landscapes.

Closed Floor Plans

Dedicated Offices and Workspace

The importance of dedicated home offices and workspaces has become evident recently. Floor plans that include private home offices or flexible workspaces are becoming increasingly popular.

These spaces are designed for productivity and can be customized to suit your specific work needs, whether you work from home full-time or need a quiet place to focus.

Ready to Design Your Own Custom Home?

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