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Lot Selection Process

Idaho Impact Homes is proud to offer you the opportunity to build a new construction home on your own property. We assure you that our affordable and simplified process will result in a stunning new home.


The first step of the Build On Your Lot process is determining whether your site is the right fit for a new home. Idaho Impact Homes is a turn-key operation, we will handle every step of this process, from pulling permits to managing your utilities and septic. We’ll be there to help you understand the standards your property will need to meet.

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There are three main areas of concern when evaluating your lot: the slope of your land, nearby wetland areas, and surrounding brush.

Development costs will be higher if your site has a steep slope, so having a lot with an even grade is a good place to start. The slope of your land will also have an impact on the dimensions of your home’s foundation, the shape of your driveway, access from larger vehicles and more.

It’s also crucial to be aware of any possible wetland areas on or around your property. There are a few concerns to be aware of: some regions have regulations on lots containing water features such as ponds or streams, and water run-off areas can negatively impact your property.

Lastly, it’s important to make note of the foliage on your site, as it could lead to unexpected fees. Keep an eye out for trees and plants that thrive in wet conditions, such as horsetail plants and cedar trees. They could indicate a nearby wetland.

Determining the sources of your power and water will be the next step of the site preparation process.

There are multiple details to consider when weighing options for your power access, like the source’s distance from your home and whether it will be underground or overhead. These elements will factor into the development costs, and we will provide input on what’s best for your situation. We will also help establish a temporary source of power for you while construction is underway.

Knowing where your fresh water will come from is also crucial. Typically, your water will come from one of three sources: a private well, a community well, or a municipal source.

The Idaho Impact Homes team will make sure to find the best options for your utilities.

We’ll also need to identify the best way to dispose of your waste. If there is already a septic system available to you, an inspection will likely be required to acquire a permit. If not, you will need access to a community sewer system or a private septic system.

You have the option to have a septic designed specifically for your lot. Idaho Impact Homes will help determine the best route for you when it comes to your waste removal.

While your home is being built, the lot will need to provide access for construction equipment and emergency vehicles. Large, heavy trucks will need to navigate around your property during the building process, so ensuring proper access is key — especially for lots with steep slopes.

The next step is the preparation and excavation of your lot. Factors such as your lot’s terrain, location, soil and the size of your home will determine how much excavation is required. Moreover, the cost of your home will be affected by how much land is ultimately cleared.

Idaho Impact Homes’ professionals will be there to ensure your site has appropriate access and excavation.

The last step before the construction of your home begins is acquiring the proper building permits.

There are several factors for which you may need a permit: power installation, road access, excavation and septic installation. But don’t fret — Idaho Impact Homes will determine what permits will be needed and gather any necessary documentation.

Our Simple Process

When you are ready to build your new home in Treasure Valley, Idaho Impact Homes will make it easy with our five-step process. Schedule an appointment with Idaho Impact Homes to get started.
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