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Looking for a beautiful suburban area just outside of Boise? Nampa, ID is just 20 miles west along Interstate 84. As part of the Boise-Nampa metro area (Idaho’s largest metro area), it is a bustling area with low business costs and a lower cost of living compared to busier parts of the country. The market is great for finding a custom home builder in Nampa, and Idaho Impact Homes is the dedicated team that can do it!

Not only that, but we give back to the Nampa community to help preserve Idaho’s wonderful neighborhoods. If you want a luxury custom home and want to feel good knowing you are supporting your local community, look no further than Idaho Impact Homes. 


your vision, your home: building custom in Nampa

Navigating the real estate market can be a long, painstaking process of being disappointed by the housing selection, stubborn sellers, and declined offers. 

Luckily for you, Idaho Impact Homes provides a different approach. Building a tailor-made home here means you’ll work closely with our committed team, resulting in a dwelling that reflects your unique vison. Plus, the confidence of having a home that meets all local codes and prioritizes safety will bring you a sense of serenity.

Personalized Living in Nampa

Your dream of a home is deeply personal, and our commitment to making it a reality is unwavering. At Idaho Impact Homes, we are dedicated to turning your vision into a tangible masterpiece. From unique architectural elements to exquisite kitchen and bathroom designs, your custom Nampa home will be a reflection of your individuality. We offer an array of thoughtfully designed floor plans and specialized design packages inspired by modern trends, providing you with limitless options. For those seeking a truly distinctive touch, we empower you to create original floor plans that result in a living space like no other.

Embracing Nampa's Modern Comforts

Our custom homes in Nampa embody the essence of modern living. Open layouts, ample storage, luxurious master suites, and all the conveniences of contemporary living seamlessly come together in our designs. Whether your style leans toward the contemporary, traditional, or rustic, Idaho Impact Homes’ design packages encompass a carefully curated range of finishes, including flooring, tiling, plumbing, and lighting fixtures.

Choosing Your Trusted Custom Home Builder in Nampa

Building a custom home can feel overwhelming, but Idaho Impact Homes is here to guide you through every step of the process. Our mission revolves around simplifying the journey, saving you both time and resources. From selecting the perfect floor plan to co-creating the design, our team is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with your new Nampa home.

Navigating The Path to Your Custom
Nampa Residence

Our personalized home-building journey kicks off with a comprehensive consultation, dedicated to understanding your unique needs and desires. From there, we work hand in hand to shape the design of your future sanctuary. With our expertise, we oversee the entire spectrum of permitting and inspection processes, allowing you to savor the anticipation of your upcoming Nampa home. As construction nears its conclusion, the project culminates in the exciting moment of receiving the keys to your pristine Nampa residence.

In the design phase of our custom homes, which typically spans around three months, we meticulously secure all the necessary building permits tailored to Nampa’s regulations. Once construction is underway, the process is typically completed within six weeks. Throughout this exhilarating journey, our team stands ready to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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Exploring Nampa Living

Nampa has plenty to offer with its picturesque setting and fun, family-friendly attractions. There is plenty to do in the city, and your family will surely stay busy! From concerts, parks, museums, and more, there is always something going on.


Entertainment in Nampa

There are lots of outdoor activities to be found in Nampa. Try out some of the beautiful scenery and learn more about your neighborhood!

Dining in Nampa

Nampa has something for every palette! Dine your way through the city with the many local favorites available.



If you’re prepared to turn your dream home aspirations into a reality in this delightful city, there’s no need to search any further than Idaho Impact Homes. Contact us today to get in touch with a custom home builder in Nampa. Let’s begin the thrilling adventure of crafting your unique sanctuary in the midst of the picturesque landscape of Nampa, Idaho!

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The Custom Home Build Process

Our process starts with getting to know you. From there, you’ll meet with our Design Team to iron out the details. You can contact your project manager via phone or email at any point throughout the process with questions. Learn more about the process here:









Once construction is complete, our team does a final inspection before move-in. With keys in hand, we hope you enjoy Nampa living in your beautiful new home.

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