Fall Design Trends for Decorating Your Custom-Built Home In 2023

Fall is the season of beautiful colors, pumpkin-spiced food and drinks, delectable treats, and, of course, interior design. Whether you’re considering moving to Boise, Idaho, or already settled in this enchanting city, crafting your living space is a journey worth embarking on. Boise’s charm and allure are well-known; now, you can make your mark on your new home.

This blog delves deep into the fascinating world of interior design. It explores the differences between trends and classics, helping you decide what suits your style best. This trend guide also dives into the hottest trends of 2023, from captivating color palettes to the artful play of textiles and textures.

Discover the magic of incorporating synthetic velvet, natural elements, and cozy chunky knits. Plus, explore additional embellishments like seasonal welcome mats, statement glassware, and warm lighting to add that perfect finishing touch. Check out Idaho Impact Homes for interior design ideas.

The Difference Between a Trend and a Classic

When it comes to interior design, understanding the distinction between trends and classics is crucial. These two design categories have their unique characteristics and purposes. Let’s explore the differences:


Trends in interior design are dynamic and responsive to the ever-changing world. They are creative solutions that emerge in reaction to lifestyle changes, current events, and cultural shifts. Trends can include many styles, from practical and innovative to avant-garde and whimsical.

Trends are the styles that are currently in Vogue, capturing the zeitgeist of the moment. They’re the bright, new, and popular players on the design scene. However, it’s essential to remember that embracing a trend doesn’t mean dismissing other design options. Trends provide fresh choices and exciting outlooks but come and go as the world evolves. For instance:

  • Neutral Spaces are out as design favors the incorporation of accents in color, pattern, and texture.
  • Bright Colors are on the rise, especially as it pertains to accenting through details such as pillows, curtains, and other decor items. 
  • Furniture Sets are less commonly bought together as people mix and match various collections or source pieces from thrift stores, estate sales, and social media marketplaces. 
  • Farmhouse design maintains popularity due to its vintage and antique accent pieces, ample storage, and incorporation of various natural elements. 


On the other hand, classics are the timeless proponents of interior design. They have withstood the test of time and changing tastes, earning their place as enduring favorites. The classic decor exudes a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication beyond trendiness, such as:

  • Wooden Beams
  • Stone or brick fireplaces
  • Medium toned wooden floors
  • Layered window treatments
  • Clean lines in molding and trim

While classics can occasionally influence trends, they typically remain constant, gracefully residing above the fleeting waves of design fads. These elements add a sense of refinement and balance to any interior space.

In conclusion, Trends inject a sense of novelty and excitement, while classics provide a sense of continuity and enduring beauty. Ultimately, the choice between the two comes down to personal style and how you want to curate your living space. Whether you’re drawn to the freshness of trends or the timelessness of classics, your home should always reflect your unique personality and preferences. After all, it’s your sanctuary—your home! 

Decorating Your Custom-Built Home in 2023

Consider Decorating by Color instead of Theme

Color can be a daunting selection when decorating your custom home for everyday living. To make this less stressful, we recommend neutral colors for material selections. That way, when it comes time to transform your space for the changing of the seasons, it’s easier to add layers of color with decorations. 

When it comes to fall decor, consider shifting away from traditional themes and embracing the season through color. Instead of overwhelming your space with apparent fall-themed elements, use a more nuanced approach that celebrates the essence of autumn through color palettes.

2023’s Favorite Autumn Color

This year’s standout autumn color trend is honey—a rich and versatile hue. Honey, in all its variations, from deep amber to pale gold, represents fall’s warm and inviting spirit. Think of barley fields, caramel candies, and golden leaves. This color pairs beautifully with light neutrals, white, and a touch of black, creating a sophisticated fall palette. 

Bold Black Accents

Black is making a stylish comeback as an accent color for fall decor. Use it strategically to support and elevate your existing decor. Incorporate chic black accents like picture frames, iron candlesticks, lanterns, or lamps to add a touch of sophistication. 

Muted Earth Tones

Earthy tones are taking on a softer, more muted character this year. Embrace these gentle shades of peaches, oranges, brick red, browns, beige, honey gold, and sage green. Pair them with hints of black and crisp whites to maintain balance, creating a harmonious and sophisticated fall color palette (i.e., Taylor Swift’s 1989, Quentin Tarantino films, or select works of art from the Impressionist). 

Textiles and Textures

In the world of interior design, fall trends are evolving, and this year, it’s all about celebrating the tangible and visual richness of textiles and textures. Let’s explore:

Incorporating Synthetic Velvet

Velvet, a timeless fabric, continues reigning as a trendy interior design choice. The rise of synthetic performance velvet has made it practical for various applications, from family room sectionals to luxurious bed headboards. This fall, expect to see velvet in a palette of rich autumn colors, making its presence felt throughout home decor.

Quick Note: While velvet itself is a gem, be mindful of furniture designs featuring velvet upholstery. Some trendy pieces may fall into the world of questionable taste.

Bringing Texture to Your Walls

Texture takes center stage in 2023 and continues to be a prominent feature in fall decor. Textured wallpapers, lime-washed walls, and beadboard are all the rage in wall treatments this fall. Weave a tapestry of textures by incorporating natural elements such as wicker, rattan, and burlap into your furnishings.

While experts highlight textured wall treatments, don’t limit yourself. Expand your texture palette by introducing decorative blankets, throw pillows, heavy linen textiles, and leather accents.

Chunky Knit

One of the coziest trends of fall 2023 is the resurgence of chunky knit textiles. These oversized, solid pieces bring warmth and comfort to your home, perfect for the crisp autumn days ahead. Chunky knit blankets and throws, in particular, are making a big statement in fall decor.

Imagine wrapping yourself in the soft, oversized loops of a chunky knit blanket while sipping a cup of hot cider. These cozy textures add warmth and a touch of rustic charm to your living space. They effortlessly blend with other fall elements, creating a snug and inviting atmosphere.

Consider draping a chunky knit throw over your sofa or adding a chunky knit pillow to your reading nook. These pieces offer comfort and enhance the overall aesthetic of your fall decor.

Feature Natural Elements

Certain design elements remain timeless and continuously influence interior design trends. Natural materials fall into this category, transcending the boundaries of time and trendiness. In 2023, embracing natural elements takes center stage, affirming its status as a classic choice.

Nature-inspired decor elements like white pumpkins, weathered birdhouse gourds, bundles of wheat, fresh apples and pears, autumn branches, dried sunflowers, and greenery maintain their freshness and trendiness. The key to incorporating these elements successfully is to ensure they appear as if they were just collected or crafted, providing an authentic and genuine feel to your fall decor.

Avoid clichéd or overly plastic-themed fall decor; instead, bring the outdoors inside. Authenticity and a connection to nature are the guiding principles for achieving timeless and trendy fall decor.

Decorating Your Custom-Built Home in 2023

Additional Embellishments

Besides incorporating fall-themed colors, textures, and textiles, you can also include other embellishments to transition from a summer interior design to a crispier fall interior design. Here are additional ways to make that happen:

Seasonal Welcome Mats

Seasonal welcome mats are the first greeting your guests receive when entering your home. This fall, go for welcome mats that are not only practical but also add a touch of autumn charm to your doorstep. Choose mats decorated with fall motifs like leaves, pumpkins, or warm, earthy tones. These mats keep your home cleaner and set the tone for the cozy atmosphere within.

Statement Glassware

Elevate fall decor by incorporating statement glassware into your design. Think hurricane candleholders, elegant glass lanterns, and vases. Fill them with pinecones, candles, or fall blooms to create an enchanting visual display. When evening descends, the soft glow of candlelight through glassware adds a warm and inviting ambiance to indoor and outdoor spaces, making fall evenings all the more captivating.

Warm Lighting

Lighting becomes a critical element of fall decor as the days grow shorter. Infuse warmth into your home with the right lighting choices. Consider fixtures that exude a cozy, rustic charm, and opt for warm-toned bulbs. Soft white shades or pendant lights with amber, textured lampshades or table lamps with fabric, and string lights with warm LED bulbs can transform spaces into intimate and inviting retreats. Place these lighting elements strategically to highlight the best features of fall decor, creating a charming atmosphere throughout the home.

This fall, extend decoration to the porch and front door, creating a welcoming atmosphere for all who visit. With statement glassware, seasonal welcome mats, and warm lighting, the house is set for a season filled with charm, warmth, and delightful moments.

Need a Custom-Built Home to Decorate?

If you’re looking to build a house in Idaho or are moving to Boise, Idaho, we can help. Idaho Impact Homes is your go-to custom home builder. Besides helping people find a perfect lot to build their homes on, we also assist in interior design and décor.

Check out our gallery to have a glimpse of our previous work. Let’s transition from summer interior design to fall décor to embrace the change! Get in touch with us for further consultation.


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